On Wednesday (21) celebrates 10 years of Twilight – The film. That remarkable film gave recognition for the iconic career of Taylor Lautner as the unforgettable anda lovely character Jacob Black. After intense researches, reading old articles, watching Taylor’s interviews with full attention, we did with exclusivity some facts about Taylor’s trajectory in the first movie of the Twilight Saga. The history lived by him must be appreciated and kept in our hearts. Jacob Black was an importante character in the lives of countless fans but knowing the reality behind such a legendary character, makes us admire and appreciate even more this beautiful work done by Taylor. Read below:


At just 15 years old, Taylor Lautner auditioned for the role to played the character Jacob Black after being encouraged by one of his agents. Taylor Lautner had never seen anything about Twilight, but after being accepted to the cast, he read all the books of the Saga and fell in love with the story. Before reading the Twilight books, Taylor was not a “huge fan of reading,” but after reading the complete saga, he became a great reader of several books.

When the recordings began, Taylor was only 16 years old and was still in high school, it was not a very easy task. Taylor spent time recording and attending school as soon as the recordings had pauses. He always had the full support of his parents and his younger sister, Makena Lautner.

In the first Twilight film, Taylor would have to wear long hair due to the character’s description in the book. Because of this he had to wear a wig, which did not please him. According to him, the wig made him angry because it caused a lot of itching in his head, besides the hair get in his mouth all the time. He was the youngest actor not only of the cast but also the youngest of the entire set.

Despite Jacob Black had little involvement in the first book, the film was a little bit diferente: Jacob won more scenes because he became a very important character in the story. Stephenie Meyer wrote a small role of Jacob Black in the first book, but in New Moon, she wrote much more about him and declare that Jacob was a present for herself.

Taylor’s relationship with the whole cast has always been harmonious, and the closest person to Taylor has always been the actress Kristen Stewart. He even traveled with some cast members to promotion the first film. Taylor Lautner and the other actress Nikki Red were very close at that time. They were photographed in the company of other friends at parties.

Taylor Lautner went a chance to win some awards because of his participation in the film. Among them: ” Breakthrough Actor Performance ” – which he unfortunately lost to Robert Pattinson, due to his huge popularity at that time. Despite having just few scenes in the first film, Taylor has win the hearts of many fans.

Like all celebrities he lost his freedom. Taylor could barely go to a bookstore without the presence of security guards because there were already many of fans screaming for his name, asking for autographs and photos. Not to mention the persecution of paparazzi. Although his character had not yet developed the real sexy physical form, some fans already had a certain ” different ” kind of attraction for him, many of them throw their panties and asked him to sign.

After the first Twilight movie, Taylor Lautner was considered to be replaced in the upcoming films. Jacob Black would have to be different in his physical form. The books describe Jacob as a tall, muscular man. So after finishing the recordings of the first movie, Taylor immediately hired a personal trainer and got very heavy on the gym and with diet, win about 30 pounds of muscle mass.

Taylor Lautner never gave up on Jacob Black! He returned to the film crew and auditioned for the long expected sequel: New Moon. He shows his muscles as the book describes, and further declare that he could get much more it the character demanded it. Obviously, Taylor was accepted. The fans also spoke out and demanded Taylor back to the cast. Kristen was very influential in hiring the actors, and she was the main key for Taylor to continue in the cast, She fought and managed to persuade the producers to keep Taylor Lautner in the cast.

For Taylor, it was always fantastic all the love and support of the fans, because he did not expect that his character would also caused the impact that caused in the first film. He was not even prepared to face all the things he faced as old as he was.

There is an extraordinary lesson behind such a beloved character: Taylor Lautner is an icon who changed the story and won the hearts of many fans, fought hard to get where it came and transmitted the story as right as the books. But the biggest and most beautiful story, above all of it, is that Taylor Lautner has always been a strong believer that fought hard for his dreams, loving the fans above all else.

Jacob Black will always be a legend to us!

Translation by –  Letícia Monteiro (@ticiatmonteiro)