1 – In the beginning of this interview you said “I have a normal life”, but we know that it was not like this sometime ago. You became hugely famous since “Twilight” was released and the last saga movie was launched in 2012, in LA with thousand of fans reunited in that place. Do you remember what happened at this day?

T: I loved that day! It was the “Twilight” finale and it just all goes through your mind like a movie. Everything was so huge, so crazy… and a little bit scary. It was an amazing journey! Having a private life was so difficult, I mean to go to a restaurant or just walk the streets was kind of impossible at that time but I can’t complain at all.

2 – George Clooney says: “If you become famous when you’re too young, a lot of things will change and sometimes life is not as it used to be”. How did you deal with fame being so young?

T: I have my family and fans to keep me down to earth. Everytime I feel down, I have them to lift me up. They help me to be who I am.

3 – Do you still get in touch with the cast of “Twilight”?

T: This is kind of impossible because everyone is always busy with their lives. They’ve been working in different places all over the world. But I still get in touch with my friend Kristen. We meet as much as we can.

4 – What was the craziest situation you’ve ever been when you were promoting “Twilight”?

T: I don’t even know where to start! I have a lot of stories to tell but I’m gonna tell one of the craziest! The first one was right at the beginning of the Twilight Saga when some girls asked me to autograph their panties! We had some funny situations when we were out of USA also. In Brazil, 4.000 girls tryed to break in our hotel room! They had to call the police to take them out of the hotel. I remember a lot of crazy moments!

5 – You’ve just joined Instagram, right?

T: That’s right! I had just a Facebook page before creating this account on Instagram like 3, 4 months ago. Among me, Kristen and Robert, I was the only one who got a social media account.

6 – Why?

T: We are afraid to read things on social media that could hurt us. But I have to admit that I enjoy a lot my account in social media.

7 – How do you enjoy it?

T: Reading the comments, their feelings, their thoughts and learning how tave fun with them. Giving them good morning and sometimes I even reply some comments. Many ask me for selfies I can fulfill their requests and then I post a selfie.

8 – You are a superstar. How do you deal with all eyes on you?

T: You learn a lot of things in a short time. You learn how you can influence people with a simple act or even with some words. The fans take me too serious so I have to pay a lot of attention what I say. I am beloved by them and I want to return this love. I love helping people and sometimes I visit some hospitals. I hate seeing people suffering. I’m so grateful for being able to help them. I am a sensitive and emotional person. Actually I think I need support too because I’m too young.

9 – What does fame mean to you?

T: I don’t know exactly! It’s so cofusing… You’ll never know what’s gonna happen. I’m not worried about “fame”. I know who supports me in my private life and in my professional life. My only concern is to influence my fans in a positive way.

10 – Do you think you can get back that body you had while filming “Twilight”?

T: I was a teenager back that time in “Twilight”. I’ve been practicing sports my whole life and I’ll keep doing this but driking those awful protein shakes is out of question!

11- You join the cast of Scream Queens recently. What makes you accept this role?

T: Ryan Murphy show me some of his projects last year and I really liked them. So I told him that I would accept to work with him in the future. He is a great guy and I like everything he does. Then he invited me to join the cast and I said yes. I was flattered with his invitation!

12- Could you talk anything about this season?

T: I can’t (laughs)… this is the most different TV series you ever seen. We’ve just filmed the fourth episode and we even know what’s gonna happen on th fifth. We receive the script at the eleventh hour and then we rush to read all at once! There’s always a surprise!

13 – What is the most difficult to do: movies or series?

T: Making series is the most difficult in some aspects. When you are filming a movie, you know everything about your character and what is going to happen through the story. I don’t now what is the hardest part of doing a series… I think it’s too early to say.

14 – You play a doctor in Scream Queens and you can’t stand seeing blood. How do you deal with this situation on set?

T: That’s funny because I don’t know anything about medicine and when we were filming a surgery scene I can’t even look to the patient bleeding on the operating table even if it’s for a short time.